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Yoga with Pablo on Brighton beach

Today I attended a 8am yoga lesson on the beach in Brighton with Pablo a yoga instructor I met last Summer. It was amazing and the techniques that Pablo teaches are so useful. The foundation of the practice is stillness and a sense that we can 'get out of our own way' to connect with our physical selves and the present moment. Pablos' teachings in yoga are based on meditation and developing a non-judgemental awareness and integration of mind and body. There is so much to learn and re-learn about our relationships with our bodies and minds, and how yoga postures can help us learn to distance from our thoughts and the narratives about ourselves and our lives that we create.

There is an interview here with Pablo and Dr Grixti a clinical psychologist (specialising in Brainspotting) that explains Pablo's approach much better than I can and I highly recommend giving this a listen.

Yoga and Brainspotting Therapy are both access points to deep healing of the body, brain and spirit. Pablo Wilson and Dr Mark Grixti are experienced teachers and trainers in their respective approaches and compare the fundamentals of healing through these compelling approaches.

Pablo runs a number of yoga sessions online and in Brighton and you can find out more here:


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