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What is EDMR?

EMDR was developed by Francine Shapiro, an American clinical psychologist, in 1987.  Much of her initial research was with Vietnam veterans experiencing PTSD. The effects were remarkable – soldiers who had previously been resistant to all forms of therapy were cured within a few sessions. Nowadays the traumas tend to come from car crashes or accidents, from loss or grief. Sometimes they generate from painful incidents way back in childhood, including abuse.   

The theory is that when a trauma occurs certain parts of the brain become over-excited and "freeze" the information in its original anxiety-producing form. So instead of letting the experience become a normal memory, the brain clutches onto the terror and fear. This "frozen" information will resurface giving rise to intrusive thoughts, uncomfortable feelings, flashbacks, nightmares, even full-blown phobias or panic attacks. 

These are some links which help to think about EMDR and understand its principles.