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Meet The Therapists

At Changing-Futures we have a team of therapists specialising in different areas. Please read more about each of our therapists below to find out which would suit your needs.

We also have links to a network of other therapeutic and psychiatry services for adults, young people and couples. Upon completing an initial assessment, we can then make suitable recommendations for these.



My name is Amanda  I am a qualified mental health clinician and a cognitive analytic psychotherapist, and work as a lead therapist in the NHS.

I have a wide range of experience in NHS mental health services and I am experienced with both adults and children, adolescents, couples and families in the delivery of therapy.  If you are seeking therapy for yourself or a family member, I can complete a comprehensive assessment and make suggestions about what might be the most suitable evidence based approach.


Cognitive Analytical Therapy is a structured approach that explores relationships, past and present and some of the relationship dynamics that we may get caught up in which affect our ways of relating to ourselves and others. 

It is time limited and change focused and combines different therapeutic traditions (cognitive and analytic models) in a helpful way.  I am also experienced working with Trauma models, and complex presentations like eating disorders and emotional instability.  I offer in person sessions in Brighton

I have experience delivering therapy on online platforms.


  • (NMC) Nursing and Midwifery Council

  • (ACAT) Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy

  • UKCP Psychotherapist Accreditation



My name is Dorota, I am a qualified cognitive analytic therapist and EMDR practitioner. I consider myself to work by integrating approaches effective in trauma-focused work to enable the process of recovery from traumatic experiences and stimulate post-traumatic growth, by addressing anxieties about person's future and their capacity to manage difficulties that may lay ahead.

I practice in a person-centred way, aiming to provide a scaffolding of support within a therapeutic relationship, which enables individuals to utilise their strengths and to deconstruct obstacles to their growth and psychological and emotional wellbeing.  

I aim to instil in individuals a sense of hope and to increase their ability to understand and manage their issues, to develop a greater sense of choice and self-management and ultimately to allow them to reach towards their potential.  I offer online therapy sessions.

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Hi my name is Emma and I am a psychological therapist registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), a registered mental health nurse (RMN), and accredited cognitive analytic therapist (CAT) with over 15 years' experience of working within the NHS and more recently, in private practice.


Over the last 11 years, I have specialised my practice to working with adults with eating disorders through my work at the world-renowned Eating Disorder Service, at the Maudsley Hospital. I also work as a specialist psychotherapist at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, (RADA) supporting Acting and Technical Theatre students to overcome difficulties with eating, body-image distress and self-esteem.


I feel passionate about supporting people to overcome their difficulties and place value and importance on working together in a collaborative way, and focusing on developing trust in the therapeutic relationship, in order to provide a safe and supportive space, that can help foster change.


I consider myself to be an integrative practitioner, and draw upon a number of different therapeutic approaches in which I have been trained, to suit each individual client I am working alongside.  I have a particular interest in working creatively with individuals and also in understanding the social, cultural and environmental impact of the world in which we live, upon the individual.  I offer online sessions.

Qualifications and Registrations:

  • Bsc (Hons) Sociology (University of Plymouth)

  • Pg Dip (RMN) Mental Health Nursing (University of Southampton)

  • Foundation in Art Psychotherapy (University of Exeter/Insider Art)

  • Certificate in Psychodynamic and Humanistic Counselling (Goldsmith's College, University of London).

  • Accredited Cognitive Analytic Practitioner (Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy)

  • Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapist ( ACAT/ UKCP-Awaiting full accreditation)

sarah h.jpg


I am a qualified Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, having completed 4 years of clinical training with both the Tavistock and Kings College, Institute of Psychiatry, London; gaining a Master's in Science  in Family & Systemic Psychotherapy.   I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher, having completed my mindfulness teacher training between 2017- 2018 at Sussex Mindfulness Centre, Hove, East Sussex.   I am also a registered* Social Worker and I have full indemnity insurance.

I have over 25 years’ experience working in Local Authority and NHS settings.  I started out as a social worker in child protection before joining the NHS to work in a child, young people’s and young adults’ acute mental health assessment and crisis team, covering Brighton and Sussex, offering assessment and therapeutic interventions.   My most recent post up until June 2021 was working therapeutically in the NHS as a Family Eating Disorder Therapist, with young people with eating disorders and their families.  

I currently work in Independent Practice since July 2021.

Areas in which I specialise include:

  • Adult, Child & Adolescent mental health issues

  • Eating Disorders

  • Neurodiversity /neuro-behavioural difficulties

  • LGBTQ+ identities

  • Trauma and attachment issues

  • Bereavement & loss

  • Managing conflict, stress and communication difficulties in families /couples

  • Supporting family members through parental divorce & separation

  • Facilitating and supporting the process of shared care when parents separate

  • Experiences of discrimination, social isolation and marginalisation

  • Delivery of 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses to groups, couples, individuals.

  • Consultation, support & training for staff teams working with Young People's mental health



About Family Therapy

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy is a therapeutic approach which offers a range of psychological interventions for individuals, couples and families. These are designed to help people make changes in their thinking, patterns of behaviour, and understandings in order to relieve distress, improve the quality of their important relationships and make positive changes in their lives.

Many people in the course of their lives have experiences that can cause worry and distress. Depending on people’s relational resources and experiences, small problems may amplify into serious ones; or relatively serious ones may be negotiated successfully. Close relationships sometimes fuel problems, and sometimes they become disrupted or break down under stress. Yet close relationships can also be key to helping people better manage or recover from difficulties.


Family Therapy is a collaborative therapy that integrates understandings from social and mental health care contexts in its thinking and approaches. It explores the relationship between people in the context of their family, relationships, culture and community, rather than the internal world of the individual. It seeks to explore patterns and belief systems held around a particular problem or dilemma, in search of solutions. It works with individuals, couples and families, helping them understand each other’s experiences and needs, building on their strengths and resources, and making changes to improve their lives. Mobilising a person’s close relationships also helps ensure benefits from therapy are sustained.


What to Expect


Usually a session lasts one hour. There is no limit to the number of sessions available, however it would be usual to have 3-6 sessions, at weekly or fortnightly intervals, and then review. Alternatively, a single session might be enough to make a difference.


My therapeutic style is collaborative, relational, empowering, and compassionate.   I am keen to create a secure base for people from which to begin therapy and to help people feel safe and comfortable to begin talking about talking.  I think different people and different problems require fluidity in approaches to therapy.    I try and get a sense of whether people are wanting more of a reflective conversation, or alternative things to try.  Either way, the work has a collaborative feel to ensure people coming to therapy feel they are influencing the way we are working.


I like to integrate a few minutes of mindfulness meditation at the beginning and end of the session.  This can help ground and enable people to be aware of how they are feeling.  I am happy to be asked questions about this and talk more about this approach should you choose to meet with me..


Sessions take place at an agreed venue which is most convenient to you, sometimes at your home if appropriate, or via a digital platform if necessary or desired. Due to the COVID pandemic, all sessions are currently being offered via zoom until further notice.


Cost:  My therapy fees are: £60 per hour for individuals; £80 per hour for couples & £90 for  families.          Specialist Assessment work can also be undertaken – Fees negotiable. 

MBCT-   How MBCT differs from Cognitive Therapy : Cognitive therapy works through trying to change thoughts and feelings  and is mostly done in a focused one to one therapeutic relationship.  ‘MBCT discarded the therapy framework to work more fully within a ‘Mindfulness’ approach which emphasises holding thoughts and feelings in awareness rather than trying to change them’

The course aims to help people build and further develop their own strategies for staying well, based on skills and practices taught.  

The 8 week course offers a set of practices that can support you in coping with the stresses of daily life. The course will teach you how to meditate and assist you to cultivate a daily practice.

More information and costs can be given if requested .

Location: I offer online therapy

Contact: Mobile 07515 380580 email:

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