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This weekend I have been co-facilitating an immersive nature retreat in the beautiful Trees for Life Re-wilding Centre in Dundreggan, near Inverness. 18 participants all of whom are members of the cognitive analytic therapy community met together for 2 nights in the Scottish Highlands to learn more about the rewilding projects happening in the Glen and across Scotland, and to rewild ourselves and the way we work as therapists. It was a moving and inspirational weekend and the nature in the Highlands was breathtakingly beautiful. We walked together, experienced joy, sorrow and emotion together and explored all of the ways we can be more present and connected with ourselves, with clients and with nature in all aspects of our lives. The amazing staff at Trees for Life inspired us with the dedication and care they invest in the land, and we loved getting our hands in the soil planting willow trees and pressing juniper berries in the tree nursery. Here are some images from the Glen to illustrate the amazing nature we immersed ourselves in. I am so grateful for this experience 🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️


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