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Happy International Women's day ♥️

Women are strong, it’s time the world understands that!

'On the language of silence. We must listen very carefully to the people who are not heard, and who do not speak! Unless attention is paid to the nature of their silence, there can be no transmission of either memory or possibility and the idea and practice of transformations can accordingly not exist.

Movements develop in the process of communicating themselves. The forms of communication consequently define considerably their shape and direction. Communication for people who have no name, who have not been recognised, who have not known themselves, is a difficult business. For women it is especially difficult. We have accepted for so long man's image of himself and of ourselves, and the world as his creation that we find it almost impossible to conceive of a different past or a different future. MANkind is his, WOMANkind is his, huMANity is his. We have not even words for ourselves. Thinking is difficult when the words are not your own. Borrowed concepts are like passed down clothes: they fit badly and do not give confidence.' (Sheila Rowbotham 'Dreams and Dilemmas')


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